For now, this is forever: Crete (English Edition)

For now, this is forever: Crete (English Edition)

"He comes in and can`t explain a thing to me; nothing I could understand. Nothing I could accept with a simple nod. We sit in the kitchen, drink this stale coffee, and we both know it will be the last time. He packs his things. I`m standing next to him, numb.My scared heart keeps beating no, no, no."
Lena was so sure that this relationship would last. Forever, until the very end. She has no idea what went wrong, and the questions keep haunting her.She opts for a time-out and meets the married Tom. A simple conversation turns into the idea of a lifetime. Lena puts all her eggs in one basket - it`s now or never!
She`s not twenty anymore, not thirty, not even forty. What else should she be waiting for? Who can tell what the next day will bring.

About the author:
Helena Baum was born in Thuringia, Germany in the summer of 1963. She lives, writes, loves and works in Berlin, Crete and Tuscany. Her psychotherapeutic knowledge always with her, she offers her services wherever she currently lives. Is that even possible? She says it is.



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